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Spam Soars Back Up To 94% of All E-Mail

Inboxes groan under the weight as spammers regroup and get smart.

Snow Hits The UK: Travel Websites Collapse

Huge snowfalls bring glee to children (and some adults) while websites wobble.

Apple And Windows 7 Grab Increased Web Market Share

Microsoft’s beta OS outs in an appearance as iPhone traffic grows.

UK Websites Must Be Saved For History

British Library expresses concern about the here-today, gone-tomorrow nature of the Web.

210 Billion Emails Sent Every Day; 70% Is Spam

New figures reveal massive rise of email, blog and Internet use.

Over One Billion Internet Users Now Online

Landmark total reached in December with figures still rising

Mobile Internet Grows Eight Times Faster Than PC Web Use

As smartphones hit the mainstream, mobile use soars.

FOWA 08: Suw Charman: Psychology And Addition To Web Sites

We’re at FOWA listening to speakers and popping around chatting to people. Suw stepped in due to a last noshow but presented a fascinating talk. It’s slightly in note form, but the essential are there. Suw looks into how humans (that’s us) become addicted to certain Web sites and services like email. To build proper [...]

YouTube Is “Coolest Online Brand”

Fashionistas squeak with excitement as the ‘cool’ lists are unleashed

Web Creator Warns Of Conspiracy Nuts On The Web

Tim Berners-Lee voices his concerns about the web being used to spread misleading information.