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MBL Returns To Flash, Dumping Microsoft Silverlight. Why?

Looks like Microsoft has hit a speed bump in trying to get Silverlight adopted by broadcasters. Some reasons for the Major League Baseball stopping using Silverlight might be coming to light. With 500,000 subscribers, is the Web’s most successful subscription service, so well worth taking note of.

NBC Olympic Online Figures Are Huge

When I was in Beijing last year there was a lot of talk of the current Olympic being the first ‘Broadband Olympics.’ It appear that for one US broadcaster, NBC, it’s becoming true. The number of people accessing their Olympic coverage are highly impressive. After a week of the Games, NBC have had 25 million [...]

Smallest Pong Games In The World?

After we wrote the story about PongOut — Pong and Breakout, both on the same screen, played at the same time — we got a connected about another version of Pong. This time the smallest version of Pong known to mankind – smaller than a fingernail.

Surf Buds: Social Network For Surfers Launches … Quietly

Back in the early days of the Web, newbies often used to refer to Web browsing as Surfing The Web, well there’s a new service that’s just launched that aims to help real Surfers on the Web. Surf Buds tells us that they’re the first online social network created just for surfers.

MyFootballClub Announces Team They’re Buying

The UK football club that is being bought by Web site, MyFootballClub has been announced today. MyFootballClub (MyFC) is a revolutionary Web-based idea that will see the decisions of the management of the club – transfers, player selection and all major decisions – carried out by the paid-up members of the site – perhaps one [...]

Jalipo: Pay-per-minute Sports Video Launched

Jalipo, an online video service, has announced that they will now be carrying televised sporting events. As opposed to the more usual way of paying for the pleasure of watching sports events – on a subscriptions or pay-per-view basis – Jalipo will be charged on a pay-per-minute basis.

Win Tickets For A Private Screening Of Friday’s England Rugby Match – On Top of BT Tower!

We’ve teamed up with BT Total Broadband to offer four pairs of exclusive tickets for a private screening of England versus South Africa rugby match this Friday, 14 September, 2007. The winners will enjoy a prime view of the action of the world cup match with a private screening at the top of BT Tower [...]

Virgin Media lose 40k Subs But Changes Ahoy

The latest results results from Virgin Media, Q2 2007, show that they’ve lost 40,000 cable TV subscribers. The most likely reasons – the loss of Sky TV programming, following their spat with Sky. To rub salt into the wounds, Sky gain 90,000 TV customer over the same period.

24-7 Football: Sky Offer To Mobile UK

As we’re not fans of football, we’re constantly amazed at how keen people are to watch the game that involves people kicking a pig’s bladder around an oblong section of grass. Ho, Hmm. Never one to not take the opportunity of cramming more football into people lives, Sky TV has teamed up with a load [...]

Virgin Media Sign Mobile/Broadband UK Football Deal

Virgin Media ‘do a Sky’ and sign up sports rights for the mobile and broadband services.