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8m Brits Listen To Online Radio Every Week

Podcasts and online radio broadcasts continue to grow in popularity.

Plodcast: Hampshire Fuzz Launch Podcasts

These are days you can turn around for podcasts, so each person who launches one has to find an angle. One that caught our eye today was from Hampshire police with their Plod-cast. For our non-UK readers, The Plod, or PC Plod is a slang term referring to the police, with its origins lying with [...]

The Archers? Podcast? Are You Serious?

The Archers, a BBC radio soap-opera that has been running for over 50 years, has now become the latest podcast from the BBC. There will be gasps of shock echoing around the UK at this news.

NXP Nexperia PNX5100: HD TV 2 Is Coming: Podcast & Video: IFA

If you thought that HD TV was the best picture you’re ever going to see, think again. The release of 100/120 Hz Full HD TVs gives you a pretty clear idea that the market is moving again. NXP showed us a chip the Nexperia PNX5100 which really ups the game for HD. Lower down you [...]

NXP: Shaping The Future Of Digital Media: Podcast: IFA

If you want to know where consumer electronics are moving, there’s no better place to find out than via the people that make the chips that will power these devices. One that came into being last year that really impressed us last year at IFA was NXP, a spin-off from Philips, essentially what used to [...]

4 Digital Group Gain 10 National DAB Licenses

Hurrah to 4 Digital Group as they learn this morning that they’ve got ten national DAB stations.

Ergo Phizmiz Creates Digital-Lifestyles Audio Ident

Digital-Lifestyles towers is all a-buzz. Something that we’ve been working on for a while has reached a significant goal. As some of you beta-testers know, our first-of-its-kind individual news story podcasts have been bubbling away for some while now. They’ve been well-received and are now gaining some extra polish. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve [...]

BTPodshow: The How and Why

Split over two pieces, we reflect on BT’s relationship with PodShow. Examine the short term and longer term of why BT is making this move – and what PodShow get out of it.

MobiBLU B153 and VCube Ship With Pre-Installed Podcast Software

Now you can listen to 150 hours of continuous podcasting in your pocket. Er, great.

Podcasts Outnumber Radio Stations Worldwide

The Podosphere (the what?!) is growing at 15% a month as subscribers increase by 20% per month.