NXP: Shaping The Future Of Digital Media: Podcast: IFA

NXP Nexperia PNX5100: HD TV 2 Is Coming: IFA 2007If you want to know where consumer electronics are moving, there’s no better place to find out than via the people that make the chips that will power these devices.

One that came into being last year that really impressed us last year at IFA was NXP, a spin-off from Philips, essentially what used to be their chip R&D division.

The innovations that we saw on the stand this year impressed us even more, so we’ll be doing a series of articles complete with audio recordings and some video.

We were taken around the stand by Paul Martin, Strategic Marketing Manager and Carlo van Pelt, PR Manager Home.

This first recording gives you the overview of what NXP have been up to over the last year- they’ve created 500 innovations in the last year alone! These have been focused into three area

  • Handling the various sources and formats of digial content coming to the consumer
  • Making what gets to the consumer sound and look better
  • Distribution of that content – eg Anytime, anywhere usage

What’s coming up?
Over the coming posts about the NXP stand visit you’ll see

  • The Nexperia PNX5100 – a new HD chip that will improve the visual performance of HD TV considerably
  • Navigating + playing YouTube videos on a STB
  • Dual view screen for car use
  • Variable LCD backlighting
  • In-car NFC use for Bluetooth config

Pretty good eh?