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#geomob Event Review: Highly Recommended: On Tomorrow

If Geo or mobile stuff is your thing, #geomob is the place to be.

Yahoo: Top Searches of 2008 Published

Yahoo has published their “Year in Review,” covering search over 2008. They’re keen to point out that it isn’t just what the top 10 searches were, but Top 10s of lots of catagories. Beyond the Top 10s there’s also some analysis of what those things could have meant.

Fire Eagle, Yahoo’s Location Service Finally Launches

Yahoo has finally released Fire Eagle, their much-discussed location service. Bloggers have been banging on about it for ages, which became all the more heightened after it was shown to the delegates by Tom Coates at eTech in March.

Yahoo Rejects Microsoft’s ‘Now Or Never’ Offer

Search engine giants turn down Microsoft’s “take it or leave it” offer.

Yahoo Games: Ad-supported Games On The Way

Yahoo is on the move again after their shenanigans with Microsoft and the possible take over. Today they’ve announced that they’re getting in to ad-supported downloadable games.

Yahoo Shares Crash As Microsoft Walk Away From Takeover Talks

Bill Gates and Co give up on Yahoo takeoever; market not thrilled.

Yahoo Takeover News Catchup

The tussle between Yahoo and Microsoft has gone through a couple of extra rounds of late. We thought we’d bring you up to date with the current state of play. Back in Feb Microsoft offered Yahoo $44Bn. Yahoo said no thanks.

Yahoo Shine Site Targets Female Demographic

New advertising opportunities ahoy as Yahoo launch site for the laydees.

Yahoo! Launches onePlace Mobile Content Manager

New tool designed to help punters manage mobile content.

Murdoch Interested In Yahoo?

It’s being reported that there’s ‘secret’ discussion going on between Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and Yahoo, apparently in an attempt to find an alternative route to Microsoft buying it.