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UK Video Game Sales Soar 23%: Wii Sales More Than 360 + PS3

UK sales of video game hardware and software in 2008 have lept to £4.034 billion, so say industry body ELSPA. Looks like fans of video games are refusing to listen to the doom-sayers and have been buying video games in ever larger numbers taking software sales to £1.905 billion. Now the detail …

Beer Toss: Wii Game Released

Find a niche … that’s what everyone says about the technology world … or the world of commerce on a larger scale. Well JV Games must have been listening because they’ve just come out with Frat Party Games to run on the Nintendo Wii.

Wii Fit Review: After A Month: Boost Your Sex Life? & Scores (77%)

Yesterday we detailed the Wii Fit Balance activities. Today Ian asks if it will boost your sex life(!) and summarise his view and scores it. Will Wii Fit help your sex life? Let’s not over-state the case here: this is not an aphrodisiac. But still, there is undoubtedly a certain class of couple for whom [...]

Wii Fit Review: After A Month: The Balance Activities

Yesterday we covered Wii Fit Review: Getting Started & The Aerobic Activities. Today’s instalment covers the Balance exercises. The Balance exercises are by far the most attractive, because they’re quick, fun, and easy to play with friends to see who scores best. Just about every time we’ve started up Wii Fit, it’s the first section [...]

Wii Fit Review: After A Month: Getting Started & The Aerobic Activities

In the first instalment of our Wii Fit Review: A Month After Living With Wii Fit Ian gave an overview of what Wii Fit is all about. Today we’ve cover starting to use it and detail the aerobic exercises. Getting started with Wii Fit Once you’ve added your Mii (i.e. the little cartoon of yourself [...]

Wii Fit Review: A Month After Living With Wii Fit

Given you can’t really appreciate the impact of the Wii Fit straight away, we asked Ian Winter to write this multi-part review of his experience. Here’s the news if you’re thinking of buying a Wii Fit to lose weight, improve overall fitness, live longer and attract cuter sexual partners: it probably won’t make any difference. [...]

US Game Sales Soar

Fears of a recession yet to surface in a buoyant game market.

Wii Fit Tour Analysed and How Consoles Do Get You Fit

Nintendo’s Wii Fit have announced a tour around the UK to show off the Wii Fit and how people can integrate it into getting themselves … well, fit. When the Wii Fit was recently launched in the UK, it was reported as selling out pretty much instantly, which grabbed a few headlines.

Nintendo Wii Fit Coming To UK. Get Queuing

Innovative workout balance board for the Wii is coming to the UK.

Wii On Course To Overtake XBox 360 This Year

Analysts predict Wii to win 2008, but PS3 to become the dominant gaming platform.