Beer Toss: Wii Game Released

Beer Toss: Wii Game ReleasedFind a niche … that’s what everyone says about the technology world … or the world of commerce on a larger scale.

Well JV Games must have been listening because they’ve just come out with Frat Party Games to run on the Nintendo Wii.

Pong Toss is the first game that they’re bringing out, but if you’ve never been exposed to Ping Toss, don’t let you mind go too mad of what sort of a game it might be with a title like that.

The game was originally called Beer Toss, but decided to change the name of it to sell it to a wider audience without the focus on the drinking.

Beer Toss involves trying to pop a ping pong ball into cups at the end of a table, by using the Wii-mote, but not needing to press a button to release the ball.

There’s different options in playing the game, including a multi player version, where three people can play at the same time.

It’s due for released on 28th July.

Frat Party Games