Google News Generated $100m Year

Google News Generated $100m YearMarissa Mayer, the acceptable face to Google’s tech dork-ery, appears to have slipped up somewhat.

She let it out that Google News — one of the only areas of Google that doesn’t have advertising on — generates them around $100 million a year in referrals to main Google, from the 47 million people a month looking at it.

(Disclosure – Digital-Lifestyles has been a Google News source for around five years).

So what?
Why is it a problem to associate a dollar value against Google News?

Well, there’s aren’t adverts on it because if Google were to generate income from the news headlines that are there, the newspapers and media organisations whose stories are found there would ask for some of the advertising money that is generated.

Now the earning figure is out of the bag, we wonder how long it will be before media organisations will be picking up the phone to Google to ask for their share.