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Vocera, WiFi VoIP, Improves Hospital Efficiency

Digital-Lifestyles has had its eye on Vocera since 2002, when we spotted their wireless VoIP product. We followed it up in 2004. Rather than a more ‘normal’ VoIP product that apes the everyday PoTS (Plain old Telephone Service) that we’re historically used to, it takes a leap forward, doing away with a numeric key pad. [...]

Gary McKinnon, ‘Hacker,’ Loses House Of Lords Appeal

Gary McKinnon, who is accused by the US government of being a ‘computer hacker,’ lost his appeal to the House of Lords yesterday. He was appealing against being extradited to the US, but in a unanimous decision, the Lords said to find in favour of McKinnon would, “imperil the integrity of the extradition process.”

Lisa Nova Plays A Twitter Whore

Lisa Nova is well known on YouTube as making amusing videos where she either plays a character or makes a joke of other people, at their expense. Her latest target Twitter, or rather Twitter users.

Google Add Maps to Adverts

Google are ever-keen to merge their services — but in a subtle way — so you don’t realise that they are taking over the world. The latest trick along this path that we’ve noticed is them putting Google Maps into Google Text Ads.

Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Released

Adobe hopes to target the booming digital SLR market with its premium photo editor/organiser

Dell Studio Hybrid Mini-PC: More Details

We take a closer look at Dells stylish mini-PC.

Pure One Elite DAB Radio

Latest update to EcoPlus range offers up to 70hrs radio playback.

Dell Studio Hybrid Mini-Desktop Set To Launch

Attractive small form factor desktop PC from Dell on the way.

Google News Generated $100m Year

Marissa Mayer, the acceptable face to Google’s tech dork-ery, appears to have slipped up somewhat. She let it out that Google News — one of the only areas of Google that doesn’t have advertising on — generates them around $100 million a year in referrals to main Google, from the 47 million people a month [...]

Beer Toss: Wii Game Released

Find a niche … that’s what everyone says about the technology world … or the world of commerce on a larger scale. Well JV Games must have been listening because they’ve just come out with Frat Party Games to run on the Nintendo Wii.