Gary McKinnon, ‘Hacker,’ Loses House Of Lords Appeal

Gary McKinnon, 'Hacker,' Loses House Of Lords AppealGary McKinnon, who is accused by the US government of being a ‘computer hacker,’ lost his appeal to the House of Lords yesterday.

He was appealing against being extradited to the US, but in a unanimous decision, the Lords said to find in favour of McKinnon would, “imperil the integrity of the extradition process.”

It’s highly understandable that McKinnon doesn’t want to be dragged over to the US, as prosecutors in New Jersey said they wanted to see him “fry.”

This is clearly totally out of proportion against what McKinnon claims, which was he gained access to some computers in the pursuit of information about extra terrestrials.

(Details on the Gary McKinnon case from 2005).

In an emailed statement, his legal representation in the UK Kaim Todner LLP said, “His case could have been properly dealt with by our own prosecuting authorities.

Instead, we believe that the British Government declined to prosecute him to enable the US Government to make an example of him.”

European courts next
The case now has to leave the UK, as all avenues have, as of yesterday, been exhausted.

An application has now been made to the European Court to prevent his removal from the UK.

The BBC have an interview with him that’s well worth listening too.

Image: fuzheado