Google Add Maps to Adverts

Google Add Maps to AdvertsGoogle are ever-keen to merge their services — but in a subtle way — so you don’t realise that they are taking over the world.

The latest trick along this path that we’ve noticed is them putting Google Maps into Google Text Ads.

For the prospective user, this is actually really useful, as you’ll be able to find the company that you’re potentially going to buy from. This is made especially easy using the ‘Get directions’ function included in Google Maps.

Does Google make money on it?
We’re not sure if the advertiser has to pay extra for this feature, but what is strange is that, alongside the address of the business, is the phone number.

Why’s this strange? Google’s advertising broadly works on a pay-per-click basis, so by listing the phone number, there’s no need to click on the advert to find out more about it, you simply call them up!

Google Add Maps to AdvertsGoogle didn’t get to be a massive and hugely profitable as it has by making silly mistakes, so it’s highly possible that they’ve got a new and fancy way of having cash pouring into their coffers on this one.

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