Pure One Elite DAB Radio

Pure One Elite DAB Radio DAB radiomeisters PURE have announced the latest update to their EcoPlus range, the Pure ONE Elite radio.

Hoping to lure your wallet into a spend-frenzy with its rounded corners, shiny chromed controls and tactile soft-touch finish, the Elite comes in black or white finishes and packs the usual large dose of Pure goodness for £70.

The portable radio comes with the superb ReVu feature which lets you pause and rewind live DAB broadcasts – great if you just missed a radio announcement or want to hear a track straight back again.

There’s also Intellitext, textSCAN, for pausing and controlling scrolling onscreen radio text, countdown and sleep timers and the choice to be woken from your slumbers by radio or tone alarm and separate bass and treble controls.

Pure One Elite DAB Radio The radio can store 50 station presets and there’s a USB socket for future system updates, along with an aux input for slamming in your favourite MP3 player.

Pure promise 35 hours of portable listening joy per charge using the optional rechargeable ChargePAK, or a hefty 70 hours playback on alkaline batteries.

Being a fully signed up member of Pure’s EcoPlus range, the Elite offers reduced power consumption, recycled and sustainable packaging sources, minimal packaging size, and the use of components with minimised environmental impact. Good work fellas!


3 thoughts on “Pure One Elite DAB Radio”

  1. Initially we loved this radio, but 4 months in, it goes into “freeze mode” No sound, and searching for the station. Sometimes comes back on. Mostly just keeps searching for the station and does not respond to switching off, had to physically romove the battery to switch off. Got a replacement which is exactly the same. I can listen for 10 mins then goes off, but is still on & have to remove the battery. Really annoying

  2. hi all, I’ve had the same problem… the big freeze. I’ve just given back my third pure elite, all with the frezzing issue. Good old John Lewis had no trouble taking them back. They even took back the charger pack and gave me a full refund for both items, now thats service. Not sure where to look now, loved the audio line in and the sleep mode. But I could never trust the radio as an alarm clock with the freezing problems.

  3. I specifically went online to see if anyone had logged problems with this radio and am satisfied, but disappointed too, to see you have.

    We have had the same problems after 5 months of owning this radio. It cuts out all the time in under 5 minutes of use. Sometimes the channel retunes automatically. Sometimes it just freezes. Sometimes none of the buttons work and you have to switch it off at the mains and start again.

    I’m disappointed with this and even more disappointed to think I may have to take it back to the shop and change it and change it and change it, until someone gets fed up!! It’ll probably be me…………

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