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Lloyds TSB Visa Debit Cards For Kids Used to Buy Pr0n, Fags, Booze etc

Debit card for booze-hungry kids creates net shopping fears.

Kangaroo Caught By OFT Inquiry

Oh dear, the day before Ashley Highfield takes up the position of CEO of Project Kangaroo, the Internet-delivered TV joint venture between UK companies BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4, we learn that the OFT has referred the whole shebang for further inquiry.

Vodafone And MySpace Hook Up To Create Interactive Mobile Music Platform

The whiff of Eau d’Web 2.0 is heavy in the air as a new “online global interactive platform” is birthed.

Microsoft Stops Selling XP To Major Retailers

Much harrumphing around the net as Microsoft starts to retire XP.

Smartphone Growth Might Spawn Spammers

Security firm warns that smartphones may soon be targeted by ne’er do wells.

Russian Spam: Come on Google, Sort It Out

We’re getting more and more Russian spam. A hideous amount of it. For example, we had 10 of them getting through the gmail filter in less than an hour today. We say spam, because we assume it’s spam as we didn’t ask for it to be sent to us, but mostly because we can’t read [...]

Bill Gates: A Mini Retrospective

Today Bill Gates is stepping away from his day-to-day role at Microsoft, having built the company from zero in 1975 to the giant it is today.

PA Case: Motorised Suitcase Becomes ‘Weightless’

We’ve all struggled with getting our luggage to co-operate with us, having to persuade it that it should go in the direction we want it to. A UK company, Live Luggage, has decided to take on this problem with their PA Case – a motorised suitcase.

Digital Tick TV Scheme “A Mystery”: MPs

With the 2012 date of switch off of UK analogue TV drawing ever closer, British MPs have been hearing about the current levels of adoption of Digital TV. The UK Parliament Public Accounts Committee heard that many TVs that were still being bought, were not Digital ready, with those purchases, totaling millions of pounds, arguably [...]

4cast Weather App For Palm OS (90%)

Super swishy weather app serves up a feast of weather facts.