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GPS: Living With A Nokia N95: A Bug’s Life (2/3)

While trying to get on with his N95, Richard makes his way to the GPS function, but he’s find that frustrating too … for many reasons.

USB Roll-Up Keyboard And Drum Kit

Roll out the barrel, we’ll have a USB-tastic barrel of fun!

TMT Companies: Lacking Diversity At The Top? (Exclusive)

Grace Borrelli is Managing Partner of the TMT Practice for Europe at CTPartners. She gives us her view of the diversity, or lack of it, in senior management in the TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications) companies that deliver services and products to us. One of the key issues in TMT currently is whether executive teams [...]

Nine Inch Nails Release Tracks Via Pirate Bay

US Rock band to offer entire album via torrents with fans uploading remixes. A shift in the music business?

Canon Ixus 850IS Camera Review – Part 3/3 (73%)

We reach the finale of this three piece review, where we take a gander at flash, picture quality, movie mode and summarise our conclusions.

Living With A Nokia N95: A Bug’s Life (1/3)

Lots of people are raving about the new Nokia N95 – Richard is raging at it, for many reasons.

Canon Ixus 850IS Camera Review – Part 2/3 (73%)

Yesterday we covered the basics of the Canon Ixus 850IS. Today we look at how to use it. Using the camera Firing up the camera in automatic, the Ixus proved to be a nippy performer, starting up promptly and taking no time at all to lock onto focus. Low light focussing was slower but still [...]

NetLog Euro Social Network Gets €5m For Future Expansion

NetLog changes name from FaceBox and raises VC money.

Canon Ixus 850IS Camera Review – Part 1/3 (73%)

Stylish compact offers a wide-angle zoom and image stabilisation.

Digital-Lifestyles Design Changes

We’re like cats with a new ball of wool, with our new design.