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Sky Results: Long-Term Concerns?

Sky’s financial results brought out commentators suggesting there may be a slow down on the horizon for them. Mounting costs include cost of HD kit, building their broadband and reducing churn.

Archos 404, 504, 604 PMP: Details

Like a bucket with hole, details about Archo’s new range of Personal Media Players are dripping all over the place.

Internet Killed The TOTP Star

The world’s longest-running music show bites the dust as music lovers turn to the Internet.

Megabit 2006

31.Jul – 6.Aug.2006

The approach to Megabit is super casual. It’s made by the people who attend, for the people attending. Sounds fun.

They describe it like this …

Megabit is an open air network event unlike any other event. We try to combine interesting lectures on new technologies, security and other interesing stuff with hanging out with people you would otherwise probably only meet online. Quite some things are organized by participants, including this website.

Kazaa Owners Settle Lawsuits Globally

P2P file-sharing network Kazaa have settled the many different lawsuits against them around the globe. They plan to go legit.

Win A Copy Of The Long Tail Book

Give yourself a chance to win a copy of The Long Tail book, simply by filling out our readers survey.

The Long Tail Book Review (95%): Why The Future Of Business Is Selling Less Of More

Wired editor in chief, Chris Anderson, explains how the Internet is revolutionising business models and buying habits.

AOL’s Steve Case Sorry for Time Warner Deal

It’s not surprising that some think that the AOL/Time Warner deal wasn’t good. This is the first time that Steve Case has said he’s sorry about it.

Google Grabs Half Of All Web Searches In June

Nielsen/NetRatings data shows that Google are still the lords of search with 49.4 per cent of all Web searches.

Annual Global Mobile Shipments To Reach 1.5 billion By 2011

The whole planet’s going mobile crazy as handsets diversify in a frenzy of convergence.