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Packard Bell EasyNote ‘Skype Edition’ Laptop: Mini Review: Exclusive

We got our hands the EasyNote ‘Skype Edition’ Laptop yesterday. We give you the run down on what it’s like.

SanDisk MobileMate MS+: Review (99%): 2Gb MS Lifesaver

If you’re looking for perfection in transfer data to and from a Sony MemoryStick, your quest is over. It even deals with 2Gb.

Why I Still Love The Palm Treo 650

After a year with Windows Mobile, Mike’s gone back to the trusty Palm Treo 650.

Ofcom To Provide Solomon Judgement On HD Frequency Spectrum

Ofcom’s in a sticky position on what it should do with the spectrum freed up by analogue switch-off. Flog it or use it for HD TV.

Sea War MultiPlayer For The Palm: Review (90%)

Go on a shoot and sinking rampage courtesy of this fab free multiplayer game.

PocketDAB 1500 Released By Pure Digital

Pure have updated their portable DAB radio offering with the introduction of the PocketDAB 1500 adding among other things FM reception.

AOL Launches ‘MySpace’ For Extreme Sports Types

Much loosening of corporate ties as AOL goes ‘extreme’ for BMX riders and snowboarders. They’re just crazy man!

Net Neutrality Matters

Do you want your broadband provider choosing which Web sites you can see, or the speed it loads? Without Net Neutrality it might happen.

BBC World Cup Website Scores!

England may be labouring on the pitch, but the BBC sports Website is proving a hit.

Channel 4 Rolls Out Broadband Simulcast Service

UK broadcaster makes their live TV schedule available online for viewing. And all for nowt.