Sea War MultiPlayer For The Palm: Review (90%)

Sea War MultiPlayer For The Palm: Review (90%)Some of the most compelling games are often the simplest, and games don’t get much more basic than the age-old game of Battleships.

The idea might be as old as the hills, but Russian developers Intorine have souped up the interface (supporting 320×320 and 320×480 screen resolutions), lobbed in a bucketful of attractive graphics, added some satisfying explosions and made the thing multiplayer.

Sink! Kill! Destroy!
You can either play the game against a computer opponent or do battle with another human – locally, via Bluetooth or over an Infrared connection.

As in the time-honoured game of Battleships, your aim is to guess where your opponent’s ships are lurking by dropping bombs on squares on the screen.

Sea War MultiPlayer For The Palm: Review (90%)If you miss, you get a splashy sound (and quite possibly the derision of your chum across the room) and if you hit the target you get a gratifying kaboom (with the option to shout and jeer at your opponent’s misery).

We tested Sea War on a pair of Treo 650 smartphones and found it worked more or less flawlessly, although if we drifted a bit too far out of range the game would lose the connection.

Sad to say, we found ourselves “testing” the game for a considerable length of time as we vied for the top slots in the high scores table.

Sea War MultiPlayer For The Palm: Review (90%)Our opinion
Maybe it’s because we’re easily pleased by simple things, but we got enormous pleasure playing cross-office Sea War tournaments. It’s a whole load of fun.

It’s not a bad single player game either, although the computer opponent sometimes plays like it’s imbibed strong drugs.

Either way, for a price tag of absolutely nothing, this game’s a great time-waster and an absolute winner in our book. We love it!

Features: 70%
Gameplay: 85%
Graphics: 75%
Value For Money: 95%
Overall: 90%

Sea Warm