Archive for February, 2006

Microsoft Confirms Windows Vista Operating System Line-Up

Formerly known as Longhorn, Bill Gates’ new Vista OS comes in a total of six shapes.

YP-Z5: New Samsung MP3 Player Designed By Apple Whizz

Could Samsung’s Nano-sized offering finally be the iPod killer? (part 353) … Well it does look pretty good.

K800 and K790 Camera Phones From Sony Ericsson Earn Cybershot Status

For the first time, Sony Ericsson brands a camera with the Cybershot name.

SPH-B1300 DMB Phone From Samsung, Flipping ‘eck

More twisty than a drunk ice skater on acid, Samsung’s new phone offers DMB and a rotating screen.

Digital-Lifestyles eTech Meetup

Heading to eTech? Get in touch and we’ll all meetup.

Sony Cybershot and W Series Digital Cameras Announced

Sony bang out new DSC-H5, DSC-H2, DSC-W70 and DSC-W100 models.

Lumix DMC L1 SLR Announced by Panasonic

Panasonic announces first dSLR camera using Olympus Four Thirds System and it looks a good ‘un.

Google Digitises US Video Archives, Iraq Censorship Rumours Debunked

Archive NASA footage and WW2 reels freely available on Google video search.

Ask Jeeves Rebrands, Adds New Search Tools

Long serving butler Jeeves handed his P45 as tries to win market share.

Sky, Disney HD and VoD Deal Signed

Sky is never one to standstill. Today they’ve announced the largest non-US distribution deal Disney has done to date. Stand by for Disney content.