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i-mate JAMin PDA/Smartphone Expected Soon

Compact all-singing, quad-band, WiFi/ EDGE phone gets ready to roll.

UK Satellite-Delivered Broadband Switched Off

Pan-European satellite provider Aramiska pulls the plug on its broadband operation – cutting off UK broadband customers with five hours notice.

Skype To Sell Warner Music VoIP Ringtones

Owners eBay look to get returns on their hefty investment as Skype move into the ringtone market.

Kodak’s Digital Revenue Snaps Past Film Sales

Photographic giant Kodak’s digital sales exceed their anagloue. They restructure for digital, but costs are mighty.

Google Release Version 4 of Toolbar to Boost User Loyalty

Search giants look to boost user loyalty and see off rivals with new features.

Symantec: Average Laptop Contents Are Worth Half A Million Quid!

Web security firm Symantec claims that laptops are mobile pots of gold. Is that half a million in your laptop, or are you just pleased to see me?

Fujifilm F11 Digital Camera Review (88%)

We loved the F10, but is the updated version worth the extra dosh? Your clue’s in the rating.

‘The IT Crowd’ Comedy Premiers Online: Channel 4 First

In a first for a UK terrestrial broadcaster, Channel 4 premieres new series on the Internet, before its TV showing.

i-mate JAM Review: GSM/GPRS Pocket PC (85%)

We report back on six months living with the i-mate JAM Pocket PC smartphone.

First UK Filesharers Sued By BPI

For the first time, the UK record industry has gained a legal judgement against music file sharers. They now face considerable legal costs.