Archive for October, 2005

Sky Mobile TV Launched By Vodafone UK and BSkyB

Sky looks to expand beyond its traditional satellite platform with Vodafone tie-up.

CoolZone: Nokia Open Another Content Channel

Using Bluetooth within a shop, Nokia are offering the very local distribution of content for mobiles. Great in theory, but will retailers signup?

SGH-i300 Handset From Samsung Integrates With BMW 5-Series

Samsung pursues posh status via prestigious partnerships with pricey products.

Telefonica To Buy O2 for £17.7 billion

Ole! Spanish telecom titans whip out its not inconsiderable chequebook and attempt to scoop up O2.

MDR-EX71SL Sony Fontopia In-Ear Headphones: Review

Feel like Godzilla in concrete boots with Sony’s in-ear ‘phones.

Linus Torvalds awarded Microsoft and Windows trade marks by mistake

We’d imagine that Bill G won’t be laughing about this one. HP Sweden has mistakenly assigned the Microsoft and Windows trade marks to Linus Torvalds in an advert blunder.

May You Live In Interesting Times

May You Live In Interesting Times is the name of the inaugural event of Cardiff’s Festival of Creative Technology.

A combination of conference, performance and art events, it looks like it’s going to have something for everyone even slightly tickled by technology.

All Your Google Base Are Belong To Us

Is Google targeting eBay and Craiglist with a proposed online classifieds service?

Sky Says Easynet Purchase “Solves All Problems”

Sky appear pleased as punch with their Easynet deal and none to taken with Microsoft, reports Jemima Gibbons from The Connected Home conference.

Wharfedale DV832B Review: Digital TV Box

Our reviewer says “au revoir” to OnDigital and gets excited by his bargain basement digibox.