EU Cuts Euro Roaming Charges

EU Cuts Euro Roaming ChargesThe European Union has laid out a new set of rules for mobile phone users wandering over the hills and plains of Europe in a move that should see bills slashed by around 60 per cent.

Anyone who’s used their mobile phone in Europe will have experienced the pain of the wallet draining bill when you get home, but the new rules will see text message charges cut to €0.11 (before VAT), a substantial reduction on the current €0.28 rate.

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Apple Unveil iPhone 3GS Handset

Apple Unveil iPhone 3GS HandsetApple has announced the latest update to its hugely successful iPhone range at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The new iPhone 3GS offers several new features and upgrades, including onboard memory capacity doubled to 32GB, voice activated dialling, MMS messaging, 3-megapixel camera, a digital compass, Tom Tom compatibility and – finally – the ability to record videos and copy and paste text.

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Palm Pre Round Up

Palm Pre Round UpPalm’s make-or-break new Pre handset launched over the weekend in the States, and we’ve been trawling through the reviews to see how’s the new handset has gone down.

Overall, it seems that the phone has been very well received, gaining plaudits for its interface, operating system and form factor, although not everyone likes the keyboard and there’s been some doubts about the battery life and the lack of available apps.

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Nokia Opens Ovi App Store: Backfires Hideously

Nokia Opens Ovi App Store: Backfires HideouslyAfter the runaway success of Apple’s AppStore for the iPhone, every mobile OS has been falling over itself to get a piece of action, with the Android Market and Windows Media Marketplace already up and running.

Now it’s the turn of the 50 million Nokia phone owners to join in the downloading scrum, with the Ovi Store opening for business in Australia, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Ireland and the UK (the U.S won’t have access to the Ovi Store until later this year)

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HTC Touch Pro2 Smartphone Hits The UK

HTC Touch Pro2 Smartphone Hits The UKThe smartphone market is set to heat up over the next few months, with the big guns all rolling out what they hope will turn into summer blockbusters.

Some of the most eagerly anticipated handsets include the third-gen iPhone, Samsung’s Android device, Blackberry’s update to the touchscreen Storm and Palm’s new Pre phone, running their shiny new webOS.

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Palm Pre: More Details Emerge, 02 Bag Handset For UK

Palm Pre: More Details Emerge, 02 Bag Handset For UKWith the US launch of the hugely hyped Palm Pre handset just ten days away, rumours, leaks, screengrabs and videos have been leaking all over the web.

The guide to Palm’s innovative gesture-based interface can now be read in full online here, detailing how actions like opening apps, closing programs, scrolling and zooming can be achieved.

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LG Arena Review

LG Arena Review The LG Arena is undeniably an attempt for LG to tackle those who would be tempted by the Apple’s iPhone.

It’s smaller than either of the 2G or 3G iPhones, slipping easily into the back pocket, with a feel of quality about it. It feels solid and reliable. The hard polished metal front edging is complemented by the light, aluminum back.

Touch Screen
The whole interface of the phone is touch screen, beyond the power, photo and volume buttons.

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T-Mobile Offer Snappy SIM-Only Deals, Kill Us With Duffy

Some time ago we whined long and hard about T-Mobile’s Inexplicably Stupid Upgrading Policy and kept on moaning straight through to write Part Two, a few days later.

Our tree was rattled when we tried to bag a new T-Mobile G1 on contract, confident that our ten years – count ’em! – as a loyal paying customer with T-Mobile would surely be rewarded with handsome discounts all round. Sadly, we swiftly learned that in T Mobile’s world, a punter coming off the street is worth a whole load more than a loyal customer – to the tune of a hefty £305 penalty coming our way.

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