EU Cuts Euro Roaming Charges

EU Cuts Euro Roaming ChargesThe European Union has laid out a new set of rules for mobile phone users wandering over the hills and plains of Europe in a move that should see bills slashed by around 60 per cent.

Anyone who’s used their mobile phone in Europe will have experienced the pain of the wallet draining bill when you get home, but the new rules will see text message charges cut to €0.11 (before VAT), a substantial reduction on the current €0.28 rate.

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Apple Unveil iPhone 3GS Handset

Apple Unveil iPhone 3GS HandsetApple has announced the latest update to its hugely successful iPhone range at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The new iPhone 3GS offers several new features and upgrades, including onboard memory capacity doubled to 32GB, voice activated dialling, MMS messaging, 3-megapixel camera, a digital compass, Tom Tom compatibility and – finally – the ability to record videos and copy and paste text.

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Palm Pre Round Up

Palm Pre Round UpPalm’s make-or-break new Pre handset launched over the weekend in the States, and we’ve been trawling through the reviews to see how’s the new handset has gone down.

Overall, it seems that the phone has been very well received, gaining plaudits for its interface, operating system and form factor, although not everyone likes the keyboard and there’s been some doubts about the battery life and the lack of available apps.

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Virgin 3G Dongle: Mobile Broadband Review

Virgin 3G Dongle Review3G data dongles are all over the place these days.

Virgin’s is manufactured by Huawei (who seem to be the vendor of choice for 3G dongles), it’s actually a Huawei E160, (background on Huawei) for those that care.

It’s a USB stick which plugs into any spare USB port. When plugged in, as well as being a 3G dongle, it appears to the operating system as as CD as well which contains the software to drive the dongle.

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SureFlap Review: The RFID Catflap

SureFlap Review: The RFID CatflapEver had the problem of random cats appearing in your house, stealing food or worse marking their territory? Well SureFlap have the answer for tech fans, an RFID catflap.

The catflap has an RFID sensor mounted in the housing and as your cat goes into the “tube” part of the unit, the sensor reads the microchip implanted in your cat and opens the latch. Other cats trying to gain access will be rejected.

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Zune HD: Finally Decent Looking But No HD Screen!

Zune HD: Finally A Decent Look DeviceThere’s been loads of ‘leaks’ of the next generation of the less-than-popular Microsoft portable media player, the Zune.

Named Zune HD, it’s a heck of a lot better looking than all of the previous Zunes, as does the interface. Gone is the round button, opting instead for a full touch screen.

The HD-ness is two fold –

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Nokia Opens Ovi App Store: Backfires Hideously

Nokia Opens Ovi App Store: Backfires HideouslyAfter the runaway success of Apple’s AppStore for the iPhone, every mobile OS has been falling over itself to get a piece of action, with the Android Market and Windows Media Marketplace already up and running.

Now it’s the turn of the 50 million Nokia phone owners to join in the downloading scrum, with the Ovi Store opening for business in Australia, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Ireland and the UK (the U.S won’t have access to the Ovi Store until later this year)

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