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Is Twitter Over-Hyped?

Research cast doubts on the real popularity of the IM service.

Twitter Smarten Its Follow Email – To Become Twimailer look-a-like

Twitter have smartened their new Follow email, borrowing heavily from Twimailer. We’ve been users of Twimailer since it first launched. It’s Web service that sends you an email alerting you when someone new follows you on Twitter – but with loads of extra info on it and laid out in an attractive manner.

Twitter Flitters Soon Become Quitters

Microblogging service finding it hard to retain users.

Twitter Photos Capture Australian Fire Aftermath

Here we go, banging on about Twitter again. We came across another interesting use of Twitter – one that is usurping the mainstream media again. You’ll be aware of the shocking fire that have been raging in Australia.

Twestival: Organising At The Speed Of Twitter

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months you probably haven’t heard of Twitter. It’s a service that lets you write and post short messages that other people can read online or on their mobile devices. Some people call it micro-blogging, but that’s only because they don’t know how else to [...]

Twitter Enters The Top 100 UK Website Listing

Micro-blogging social network site keeps on growing.

Twitter: StephenFry Passes 100,000 Followers

@StephenFry, UK TV broadcaster and now unofficial poster child/ marketing marvel for Twitter, has passed over 100,000 followers on the service today. Only a week ago, we joked that Stephen Fry’s appearance at the London Apple Store might cause a riot, because he had 65,000 users at that point. He’s gained over 35,000 followers in [...]

#uksnow Twitter Map Mashup & Skiing To Work!

Another day, another use of Twitter. Today it’s being used to report the levels of snow falls around the UK. All very useful individually, but the power of a mass of people reporting this information is when it’s brought together.

Stephen Fry Appearance At London Apple Store: Potential Riot? UPDATED

Police riot vehicles might be needed on 2 Feb at the London Apple Store, as Stephen Fry – TV broadcaster and Twitter’s sometimes head of publicity (he and sometimes-TV presenter Jonathan Ross were gassing on the box about it on Friday night) – is speaking at the shop Not now, we understand that it’s been [...]

Philip Schofield Gives Twitter ‘This Morning’ Boost

You can’t get much more mainstream than the mid-morning ITV programme This Morning. Today the show was opened by long-time TV presenter, Philip Schofield, declaring that he’s on Twitter as @Schofe.