Twitter: StephenFry Passes 100,000 Followers

Twitter: StephenFry Passes 100,000 Followers@StephenFry, UK TV broadcaster and now unofficial poster child/ marketing marvel for Twitter, has passed over 100,000 followers on the service today.

Only a week ago, we joked that Stephen Fry’s appearance at the London Apple Store might cause a riot, because he had 65,000 users at that point. He’s gained over 35,000 followers in a week! (BTW – the Apple event is now off)

His 100,000th follower is Hayley Elliot (@amellioh).

Fry is also the third most followed on the whole of Twitter, easily being the most popular in the UK. only about 25k more and he’ll be threatening cnnbrk’s position.

3 thoughts on “Twitter: StephenFry Passes 100,000 Followers”

  1. I’m sure people will look back at this and just wonder, “WHY?!!”

    Why should anyone care what a pleasant enough, but frankly unexciting, B list celeb gets up to every minute of the day?

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