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Virgin 3G Dongle: Mobile Broadband Review

This little 3G dongle performs well.

Netgear XAVB101 Powerline Adaptor Review

If you’re looking for a way to get Internet around your house using ethernet, this can provide a very workable solution. The Netgear XAVB101 Powerline kit comes with two powerline adapters and two Ethernet cables. The units look a bit like a phone or camera power supply except they have a few flashing lights and [...]

Dl Hulu UK Launch In September?

As has been widely predicted, Hulu, the online TV catchup service that currently only works in the US, could launch in the UK as early as September this year. The broadband delivered services, a joint venture between News International, NBC and Universal, has been highly acclaimed for the quality of the video, much the same [...]

Channel 4 Say Sorry To Mac Users (video)

UK Channel 4 has finally sorted out their video catch-up service. Channel 4 previously only offered 4oD which only ran on PCs running Windows, because it uses Microsoft’s DRM.

BT Announces First Fibre Link Exchanges

Are you lucky enough to be on the high speed list?

Virgin Media Upgrades All 2Mb Broadband Customers To 10Mb

It’s apparently the ‘UK’s biggest ever upgrade’ as Virgin crank up the speed for all.

Nortel Files For Chapter 11

Wowser. Nortel, (ex-?)networking giant, have filed for Chapter 11 due to financial difficulties. In their words … Nortel made this decision with the unanimous authorization of its Board of Directors after thorough consultation with its advisors and extensive consideration of all other alternatives. This process will allow Nortel to deal decisively with its cost and [...]

Virgin Media To Offer Superfast 50Mbps Broadband Service

Hold on to your hats – Virgin is about to turbo charge broadband connectivity.

UK Internet: Censored Since 2004

The recent story about Wikipedia being censored by a large number of UK ISPs has raised a lot of blog post/ tweets / column inches about quite how terrible / good it is that our Internet is not free and open. Wake up UK! … this ain’t nothing new.

IWF: How Web Sites Become Banned In The UK

Given all of the attention on the banning of Web sites in the UK (read Wikipedia / Scorpions album), we thought we’d give you the inside view on how it comes about. The setup If a member of the public raises an objection to a Web site to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), the IWF [...]