Virgin Media Upgrades All 2Mb Broadband Customers To 10Mb

Virgin Media Upgrades All 2Mb Broadband Customers To 10MbBilled as the ‘UK’s biggest ever upgrade,’ Virgin Media has announced that it will putting all its 2Mb broadband customers into the fast line, ad hooking them up to to a 10Mb line.

Self-proclaimed as a move that will continue ‘its role as the pacesetter for high-speed broadband,’ Virgin say that the upgrade comes courtesy of some nifty leveraging of increased network capacity to ensure that all its lower level customers can bathe in the speedy glory of a 10Mb line (or thereabouts).

The uber-upgrade is expected to take place from May, with Virgin insisting that it will be the largest scale upgrade ever undertaken in the UK.

Here’s Virgin Chief Executive Neil Berkett, ready to trumpet the news:

“The migration programme forms part of a long term plan to ensure all Virgin Media customers have the speed they need to take advantage of the best the Internet has to offer, and is just one initiative enabled by Virgin Media’s investment in its Next Generation Broadband platform.”

“Our entry-level broadband product is now twice the speed of comparable services and, with our new 10-20-50 range, we Virgin Media Upgrades All 2Mb Broadband Customers To 10Mbclearly offer the highest quality broadband service in the UK,” purred Berkett as he flicked invisible V’s to rivals.

3 thoughts on “Virgin Media Upgrades All 2Mb Broadband Customers To 10Mb”

  1. Great too bad I can’t get cable where I am in the UK, stuck with a crap 1MB BT line like usual.

  2. What they don’t tell you is that they are increasing the cost from £18 to £20 permonth which they have done to long standing customer from 512k to 1MB to 2MB without giving them the option to stay with the service that they originaly purchased enen though it may meet the customers requirement. It not the extra £2 per month that is the issue just Virgins approach to this!!

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