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The Future Of Moore’s Law Questioned

For over forty years Moore’s Law has stood to be correct. It’s now being questioned as to whether it will continue. Named after co-founder of Intel, Gordon Moore (pictured), Moore’s Law stated that the number of transistors that can be placed on an integrated circuit doubles every two years. Len Jelinek, director and chief analyst, [...]

Wedding Lists Go Hi Tech

Forget tea pots and plates – new couples want Wiis, high-def TVs and digital photos frames.

Macbook Air Sucks! Video: Knifing or Conniving? Real Or Advertising?

Are we to believe that the videos that we see online are not attempts at advertising?

Non-iPhone AudioBoo In Beta

Following the piece we wrote on AudioBoo, there’s been a development. Mark Rock, CEO of Best Before, told us that they have a new service in Beta that lets any phone – not just iPhones, as is currently the case – call in to leave a Boo. They’re playing with the name PhoneBoo to describe [...]

Google Reveal Some Server Secrets

Google has, for most of its life, been obsessed with keeping details of its server secret. Their long-fabled server design, seen by many as one of the central reasons for the success, certainly wasn’t ever detailed.

AudioBoo: G20 Boost Take Up

Well done to the Best Before team who are behind AudioBoo, they’re really building user numbers and adding features. AudioBoo, if you haven’t come across it already, lets you record and post audio entries from your iPhone. These messages live on AudioBoo and can be integrated into your own blogs – giving you an audio [...]

Vodafone Drop DRM for MP3

Another one falls. Vodafone have announced that they are switching their music catalogue from Universal Music, Sony Music and EMI away from DRM-protected music to MP3 format. This makes Vodafone the first global mobile operator to do it. Not only will these tracks but DRM-free in the future, but people who have bought DRMd tracks [...]

Skype Heading To Nokia Handsets

Big news for Skype and Nokia … and in turn mobile phone operators. It’s just announced that Skype will be integrated into Nokia handsets, starting in the 3rd quarter of 2009 with the N97. As well as allowing Skype calls via 3G and WiFi, Skype to Skype calls will be free (excluding any data charges), [...]

#Spectrial: Pirate Bay Trail Ends First Day

You may remember that the four of the people behind Pirate Bay had copyright violations charges brought against them about a year ago. Today their trial started with them facing the accusation of “promoting other people’s infringements of copyright laws,” and earning money from advertising on the site. The representatives of the film, music and [...]

Twitter Kills Scoopt, Says Founder

As of today, Scoopt, will stop taking photos from the public and licensing them out. The site, which received photos from members of the public and offered them for sale to news organisations around the world, was bought by Getty Images back in March 2007.