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Lord Carter, Digital Britain Report Author May Leave Government: UPDATED

Is Lord Carter off to the commercial sector following the Digital Britain Report.

Freeview HD: Three New Channels For UK

Ofcom gives green light for new BBC, ITV and Channel Four HD channels.

Ofcom Gives BT OK For Ebbsfleet Fibre Trial Line Rental Discounts

Ofcom are altering the very grandly named, “Universal Service Condition 1,” to let BT provide discounted connections to people on their Ebbsfleet Fibre optic trial, which plans to provide network connections of up to 100Mbps.

H2O Networks: Fibre Though The Sewer

H2O Networks, of Merseyside UK, have got an interesting idea for providing high speed Internet access to homes and businesses – by running fibre optic cables through the sewer. This apparently initially grubby idea isn’t new – we first wrote about the concept back in December 2001, when a company called CityNet was talking about [...]

Broadband Rural Customers Lag Behind City Slickers

City slickers are getting all the fast broadband action, while rural locations suffer.

UK Rural Broadband Overtakes Urban

It’s been announced that, for the first time, rural broadband installations across the UK have overtaken those in Urban areas, according to Ofcom. The whole of the UK breaks down to 59 per cent of households in rural areas now have broadband compared to 57 per cent of urban areas.

Ofcom Proposes Restrictions On Cash Cow Participation TV

There’s no shock that Ofcom have today detailed new Broadcasting Code rules intended to control the once-bonanza income generating TV programmes using Premium Rate Services (PRS) phone lines. The new rules make it clear that both radio and TV programmes cannot, as their primary focus, be encouraging viewers to call in using PRS. The focus [...]

Two New Directors At Ofcom

Uber-regulator Ofcom is making two changes at the upper echelons of the organisation. Ofcom are bringing in people who are currently working at some of the media companies that they are regulating. With some artistic licence you could even stretch it to poacher turned game keeper.

Ofcom Threaten O2 Over 3G

Mobile operator O2 have attracted the attention of uber-regulator Ofcom, with accusations that O2 haven’t adhered to their 3G rollout obligations. The ruck between the two of them has come to light as part of the 3G licence obligations that the five operators of 3G licences entered into when they won the 150 round auction [...]

Ofcom Consumer Panel: ISP’s, Please Deliver Advertised Broadband Speeds

The Ofcom Consumer Panel is officially asking Ofcom to look into broadband speeds in the UK There’s been some noise in the last few weeks in the UK media about the speed – or lack of it – of broadband connections.