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VCR2PC: USB VHS Player For Digitising Your VHS Tapes

Remember when we broke the story of the USB tape deck? The latest bit of USB kit for digitising your media from Firebox is a USB VHS machine.

Showcenter 250HD: Pinnacle Launches HD Media Player

Pinnacle have announced the launch of their Showcenter 250HD. It’s a device that’s been designed to let you enjoy your digital media, but away from your computer. You’ll probably have guessed from the HD suffix that the Showcenter 250HD supports HiDef video, as it does with HD resolution photos.

Movielink and CinemaNow Offer Hollywood Movie Downloads

Hollywood learns to love the Web and offers simultaneous DVD releases and online downloads.

AJAX Alert: Opera Browser With AJAX To Sigma CE Chip Range

Queue Web 2.0 excitement as Opera bring AJAX support to CE Chipsets

Diffusion Group Report: Media Servers, Digital Media Adapters Reborn In Converged Platforms

Flopped early digital home media solutions re-emerge as integrated components in new converged devices.

Jupiter Find Media Becoming More Digital at Home

The uptake of wireless home media networks will drive demand for high-speed networking and large amounts of data storage, find Jupiter.

ShowCenter 1000g Gets UK Launch from Pinnacle

Pinnacle ShowCenter is not a new kid on the block but its latest version has supports 802.11g WiFi, upgraded software and has just been released in the UK.

Microsoft Announces Plans for Your Digital Living Room and 22 New Security Flaws in Windows Products

Centred around Windows XP Media Centre 2005, Bill and his industry partners want to provide your digital life.

The IBC Digital Lifestyles Interviews – Simon Perry – Part I

The first in a series of eight articles with some of the people involved with the Digital Lifestyles conference day at IBC2004.

We interview Simon Perry, the executive producer of the Digital Lifestyles theme day, in a two-part feature that covers on the makeup of the day and question him on convergence and other aspects of the media. He publishes Digital Lifestyles magazine.

Nvidia Expect Media Centre Shipments to Treble

A leading graphics card manufacturer expects six million media centres to be shipped this year, fuelled by falling prices and a much needed leap in usability.