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Oregon Scientific Release Thin Projecting Clock And Weather Station

We’ve been using a projection clock for over a year now and find it great to use. Somehow you feel like you’re waking up less if you just have to open your eyes and look up at the time projected onto the ceiling, rather than actually lift your head to look at the clock beside [...]

InFocus X9 Projector Delivers 720p Video On A Budget

With the huge rise in sales of big Plasma/LCD screens, it’s not surprising that projector companies are trying to cut themselves a slice of the consumer action. Last week we attended an open day put on by Epson who were keen to show off their home-targeted range of projectors and now US company InFocus have [...]

Optoma Pico Projector: Handheld Midget

Projections company Optomo has announced a pocket-sized video projector. A long time back, Texas Instruments, or TI as it’s commonly referred to as, made the decision that they’d be a big player, if not the largest, in the world of video projectors.

Oculon’s Hikari Pro920/Pro1440 – World’s Smallest Projectors?

Is that a projector in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

24 London: Interactive Bar Get London Launch

You know what it’s like when you want a drink at a busy bar – it can take ages to get yourself served sometimes. Often because the bar tender doesn’t know you’re waiting. Those behind new bar, twentyfour London, claim that this is all in the past. Alongside a whole host of interactive and technology [...]

Texas Instruments Demos Mobile Phone Projector

Tiny “DLP pico-projector” prototype will let mobile users fill the walls with their pics.

NEC DLP Projector Sits 2.5″ from Screen

NEC have got over a number of the disadvantages of video projectors, producing a low-noise DLP projector, the WT600, that can stand as close as 2.5 inches from the screen.