Texas Instruments Demos Mobile Phone Projector

As if having someone hand you their mobile and insist that you’d be bored to death looking at their collection of blurry, “here’s me drunk with my mates” videos wasn’t bad enough, it looks like things are set to get a lot worse.

Texas Instruments Demos Mobile Phone ProjectorAt the CTIA Wireless 2007 show in Orlando, Florida, tech firm Texas Instruments has been giving public demonstrations of its digital light processing (DLP) ‘pico’ projector – a teensy weensy movie projector that’s small enough to wedge into a mobile phone.

“How does it all work?” we hear you ask. And the answer is, “with clever stuff that we don’t quite understand.”

We can tell you, however, that the mini-projector sports three lasers, a LP chip and a power supply, with the whole caboodle measuring just 38mm, making it technically possible to fit in all the gubbins inside a normal sized phone.

Texas Instruments Demos Mobile Phone ProjectorUsing the phone projector (“phonejector?” “prophonetor”?”), the mobile phone will eventually be able to beam DVD-quality video on to a screen or a wall, making it a workable portable video player or TV.

However, the prototype is currently only capable of displaying an image about the size of an A4 sheet of paper (8.5×11-inches) at a rather humble HVGA (640×240) resolution in “ambient light conditions” (i.e. it’s not very bright).

We understand that for some of you, the prospect of filling giant walls with the handheld highlights of the office party may prove a compelling attraction, but we’re afraid that you’re going to having to wait: TI has not announced when it will actually start producing projectors for the mobile phone market.


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