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YouTube Offers First Video Downloads

Video sharing giant quietly offers limited download option.

YouTube Is “Coolest Online Brand”

Fashionistas squeak with excitement as the ‘cool’ lists are unleashed

YouTube NOT Doing Live Video

A couple of months back one of the founders of YouTube, Steve Chen, somewhat excitedly announced on video with pretty blogger, Sarah Meyers, that YouTube would be offering a Live version. There was considerable amount of excitement around this, and a fair amount of terror in the companies that are in the live video space [...]

A Tough Week For YouTube

YouTube will be hiring more lawyers and policy wonks, we suspect, following a week of complaints and legal challenges to the content that is stored on their servers and show to people around the world. Yesterday the House of Commons’ Culture, Media and Sport Committee published a report (PDF) with included “Risks from the Internet, [...]

Lisa Nova Plays A Twitter Whore

Lisa Nova is well known on YouTube as making amusing videos where she either plays a character or makes a joke of other people, at their expense. Her latest target Twitter, or rather Twitter users.

Judge Gives Online Ban To YouTub-er

A UK Judge has banned a 23 year old man from boasting of his crimes on the Internet. Andrew Kellett has received an Asbo (anti-social behaviour order), normally used for ban people from specific geographic areas.

YouTube Screening Room: ‘Serious’ Content For YouTube

YouTube Screening Room has officially been released following a couple of rumours knocking around about it. YouTube’s stated intention is that they want to give the opportunity to the “tens of thousands of films” that are produced every year to be seen by a wider audience.

YouTube Introduce Video Annotation

We were putting a video up yesterday (Virtual Mirror) and we saw that YouTube had introduced a new function – allowing video publishers to add annotations to their pieces. Hurrah – we’ve been waiting for a feature like this for a long time and had it as a ‘one day’ project for ourselves, for the [...]

House Of Lords YouTube Channel Launches

The UK House of Lords, is to launch it’s own YouTube channel. Previously seen by some as a stuffy, rather stiff institution, it seems like the House of Lords , or The Lords as it’s normally abbreviated to, is trying to update it’s image and become more accessible to the people. All good stuff that [...]

PM Gordon Brown Launches YouTube ‘Ask The PM’ sessions

UK Prime Minister Brown gets down with the web kidz. Possibly.