Judge Gives Online Ban To YouTub-er

Judge Gives Online Ban To YouTub-erA UK Judge has banned a 23 year old man from boasting of his crimes on the Internet.

Andrew Kellett has received an Asbo (anti-social behaviour order), normally used for ban people from specific geographic areas.

Crime on YouTube
His YouTube account held more than 80 video with him doing various law-breaking activities, leading to him being described as Leeds’s “dumbest criminal.”

On the 11 July he posted a comment saying that he was stripping out loads of his video, “not to look good in court as i think its a little late for that,” but rather to give himself a fresh start.

Strangely for someone who saw himself as cleaning his act up, he’s still got a video called “who pays for petrol anyway?,” which is described as “two people in a car {one of them sounds like me but isnt},” where they go on to boast about deciding “to give gordon brown a big F YOU by deducting the tax.. and cost of petrol.”

Law abiding citizen?
His posting on the day that he got his Asbo, he added, “well im all asbo’d up and ready to be a law abiding citizen.”

Comment that have been added by other since then are rather less than complementary.

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