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Zune HD: Finally Decent Looking But No HD Screen!

Zune HD is finally official, but it isn’t actually capable to showing HD.

Microsoft Vine Seeks Cash From Chaos

Emergency-focused Twitter rival goes into beta.

MBL Returns To Flash, Dumping Microsoft Silverlight. Why?

Looks like Microsoft has hit a speed bump in trying to get Silverlight adopted by broadcasters. Some reasons for the Major League Baseball stopping using Silverlight might be coming to light. With 500,000 subscribers, is the Web’s most successful subscription service, so well worth taking note of.

Firefox v3 becomes Europe’s Number One Browser

Microsoft takes a kick in the goolies as Firefox finally grabs the top spot.

Microsoft Gain Browser Market Share, Apple Dip

Apple sees market share fall, but iPhone still rules the mobile market.

Apple And Windows 7 Grab Increased Web Market Share

Microsoft’s beta OS outs in an appearance as iPhone traffic grows.

UK Video Game Sales Soar 23%: Wii Sales More Than 360 + PS3

UK sales of video game hardware and software in 2008 have lept to £4.034 billion, so say industry body ELSPA. Looks like fans of video games are refusing to listen to the doom-sayers and have been buying video games in ever larger numbers taking software sales to £1.905 billion. Now the detail …

Over Half Of All Spam For Pills And Viagra

Nigerian 419 scammers fall far behind blue pill shifters for the trouser-dept failed. When it comes to spam, the most popular topic is pharmaceutical, with 30.6 per cent of spams trying to flog you sexual drugs with 20.9 per cent imploring you to invest in some other medicines.

Windows New OS To Be Called Windows 7

Eagerly awaited replacement for under-whelming Vista gets named.

Microsoft Updates Hotmail (Windows Live Hotmail)

Now renamed Windows Live Hotmail, there’s more storage space and a ‘faster’ service on offer.