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Goodbye Global – Hello Local!

We’ve had a growing feeling for a while that we should change direction. Since first writing about the technological transformation of the media in 2001, a lot has happened. Devices that were just theoretical in the early days have now been launched and are in daily use for some people. We’re proud that we’ve mapped [...]

Happy Holidays

We wanted to send a quick hello and happy holidays to all of our readers. See you on the other side of new year.

We’ve Passed 4,000 Stories!

Hurrah, we’ve passed 4,000 stories on Digital-Lifestyles now. It’s taken us six years to get there, but come on, we did start pretty slowly. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have made Digital-Lifestyles what it is over the years. Starting from its blog roots as a research tool [...]

1&1: The Worst Hosting Company In The World?

Our experience has taught us _never_ to go near 1&1 hosting.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX100 Digital Compact Announced

The onslaught of 12 megapixel digicams continues with Panasonic’s stylish number.

Ergo Phizmiz Creates Digital-Lifestyles Audio Ident

Digital-Lifestyles towers is all a-buzz. Something that we’ve been working on for a while has reached a significant goal. As some of you beta-testers know, our first-of-its-kind individual news story podcasts have been bubbling away for some while now. They’ve been well-received and are now gaining some extra polish. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve [...]

Digital-Lifestyles Design Changes

We’re like cats with a new ball of wool, with our new design.

Joost Invite Winners

Catch up with the names of the three lucky winners.

Friday Snippets: Mobile Web; Palm iPhone Rival?; iLaunch Launched

A packet of three stories for the weekend

At The w880 Launch – Brief Notes