Technology/ Media Writer Required

We are looking for new, passionate writers. If you’ve got a strong background in technology and understand the significant impact it’s having on the creation, distribution and consumption of media, you’re the kind of person we want to hear from. You’ll also get your hands on some of the latest gadgets.

An ability to research a subject, gain a strong understanding and clearly express the key points, while putting it in context of events that have gone before, is vital. You need to be able to demonstrate this to us.

Your physical location is unimportant. All you require is a computer and a broadband connection, and frankly if you haven’t got these, you’re not right for the role.

We’re open to writers who want to work full-time and to those who want to contribute on a part-time basis. Pay will be dependant on experience.

If this sound like something you’d like to be involved with, get in touch with us via email to writers(at), giving us details of your background on a CV/Resume and pointers to examples of your writing. Let us know which of the areas that we cover is your strongest, whether your preference is full or part time, and if part time, the frequency of your contributions.

About Us

Convergence has been discussed for decades. Finally it looks like becoming a reality as companies large and small put considerable effort into developing equipment for Digital Lifestyles. There are many different approaches to hardware and network distribution — the route forward is far from clear. The impact goes well beyond the box in the lounge; it will affect production, funding and broadcast.We cover the leading thinkers and practitioners to discuss the current position, possible future outcomes and their impact on the consumer, the music business and the TV industry.

Broadband Entertainment News – now back online

Apologies for the recent lack of access to Broadband Entertainment News this week. failed to inform us that our domain,, was due for renewal. Placed in a position of possibility losing the domain, we were forced to pay them $235 to get the domain back, although they were the ones who had passed it for deletion. It not a very reasonable business practise and we would suggest avoiding them at all costs.