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Sky Anytime on TV Preview: Sky VOD

We got a special preview of Sky’s latest Anytime service, this time it delivers to TV, hence its name Sky Anytime on TV.

High-k Metal Gates To Give Major Chip Advance

IBM and Intel are announcing the use of new materials in computer chip gates. It may give you enough power to run Vista!

PC World Says Farewell To Floppy Disks

We’ve loved them. We’ve hated them. We’ve even shouted at them. But is this end of the faithful floppy?

Casio Announces EXILIM Zoom EX-Z1050 and EX-Z75

A pair of pocket-untroubling snappers for stylish snappers with widescreen displays.

Microsoft Vista – Made by Web 2.0?

Has Bill and Co seen the light and decided to change their approach to their customers – and actually like them?

Whoops! PC Users Can’t View UK GetAMac Videos

Hey Apple! Why not try to persuade PC users to switch to Macs by using videos they can’t see?

Leonardo da Vinci Notebooks Reunited With Windows Vista

Have a butchers through a couple of old tatty books that have been digitally-reunited after 500 years.

Samsung Secrete A Slew Of Stylish Snappers

The Korean electronic giants racks up the innovation with rotating screens and onboard travel guides.

Mobile Internet Use Grows

More and more of us are surfing the web on the move thanks to our shiny new Internet-enabled mobiles.

Giant Graphic For Australian Google Maps

Giant Graphic For Australian Google MapsIs putting a giant graphic on the ground to be seen by Google Maps spam?