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Nintendo Wii: Video Clip Shows Controller In Use

We think the Wii’s controller is the secret weapon that will gain it ground in the battle of the next/now generation consoles. Watch the video to get a grasp of it.

Windows Media Player 11 Released

Shinier and sleeker than a well polished gleaming thing, Microsoft’s new media player looks a treat.

Mobile Music Phones Outsell MP3 Players

Consumers are loving music-playing mobile phones as sales outstrip iPods and other dedicated players.

Virgin Mobile Lobster 770TV: Review

Mobile TV — saviour of the TV industry? James Cridland finds it a good phone with great DAB radio reception, just not ready as a TV platform quite yet.

Full GNER Train Fleet Goes WiFi

UK East Coast rail line firm claim to own the world’s largest Wi-Fi fleet.

NetGames 2006

30-31 October, 2006

The NetGames workshop brings together researchers and developers from academia and industry to share ideas and present new research in understanding networked games and entertainment and in enabling the next generation of online games. This year’s workshop will be hosted by Interaction and Entertainment Center, Singapore.

This years joint-conference chair is Dr Adrain David Cheok, who we have huge respect for with his exceptional work at the Mixed Reality Lab, Singapore

ippr: Give Music Copying Rights To Consumers

UK thinktank, Institute for Public Policy Research, thinks that UK Copyright law should be changed to let people copy music and films for their own use.

LG White Chocolate Phone Launches

Super-hip phone is released in purdy new white shade for the laydees.

Nokia 330 Auto Navigation Announced

Mobile giant Nokia releases their first dedicated personal navigation device to include Europe-wide maps.

Woz Spills The Beans On Apple

Steve Wozniak has always been a maverick, well now he’s in the UK telling his tales of Apple.