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Coms F1000/F3000: WiFi VoIP Handsets

Coms in the UK get in early with their offerings of two WiFi VoIP handsets in advance of their service.

Microsoft Zune: $249: 14 Nov

Now the price is known, it’s just the arrival of the actual device that we’ve got to wait for.

Pace Micro Shipping 1st Motorola-based PVR To Comcast

Fizzy pop doubles all round at Pace, as they get the nod to start shipping their dual-tuner PVR to Comcast.

Lastolite Cubelite Portable Studio Review (83%)

Space-strapped photographers and manic eBay product shifters will love this handy portable studio solution.

BBC Signs MoU With Microsoft: Disaster For Open Media?

We can’t help but to see this announcement in a gloomy way. The BBC puts itself forward as an open organisation, but how does that balance with this announcement?

ViaMichelin X-980T Mini-Review: The Michelin Man Guides You Around Town (69%)

Business bods or upscale foodies travellers are going to love the X-980T. If there’s a Brioche in the neighbourhood, it will direct you there.

Sony Vaio C Series Notebooks Announced

Resplendent in a range of five fancy colours, Sony’s purdy new laptops get the PR hyperbole treatment.

Kodak Z710 EasyShare: Photokina

Budget-priced camera offers a big 10x superzoom and a full suite of manual controls.

NTL 4 for £40 quad-play announced

Hoping to steal a march on the growing trend, NTL offer, broadband, TV, landline and mobile for £40/month.

Expanded Euro Regulation Repudiation By UK’s OFCOM: TWF

Europe’s urge to try and control media transfered over an IP connection doesn’t sit well with Ofcom’s view. Now Ofcom have a research paper to say why.