Archive for May, 2005

Broadband Beats Dial-Up In The UK

Millions kiss goodbye to noisy, slug-slow modems as broadband connectivity soars.

Log On Through The Lord

Cardiff church offers wireless broadband access – Get connected while you confess.

Training Foundation Launches National Online Learning Initiative

Free national online learning programme for young people entering the UK workplace announced.

Does Anyone Understand The Ringtone Business?

Don’t be afraid, it’s OK to admit you don’t understand the ringtone business.

MobiTV Powers Orange 3G TV

Orange have been trumpeting their new Orange TV with their 3G service in the UK – we look at the company behind the headlines – MobiTV.

Ofcom R18 Ban: Comment

Following the publishing of Ofcom’s new broadcasting code earlier this week, Russ Taylor of ofcomwatch outlines his reasons for disliking the R18 ban.

Vodafone 7100v: Upgrading Its Software And Syncing With PocketMac Blackberry

Lawrence passes on two tip for current or potential 7100v users – the frightening task of upgrading its software and a method for Syncing your Mac with it.

Vodafone 7100v Blackberry Review – email; Calendar; Phone

The third and final part of this in-depth review focuses on the mainstay of the Blackberry – email, calendar, or even using it to speak to people.

IBM, Oracle Battle For Database Market: Gartner

IBM hangs on to slim lead while Linux RDBMS segment soars, Gartner tell us.

Wireless Utopias 05: An Open Future For Spectrum-

Cybersalon and Open Spectrum UK host a unique debate on the future of wireless communications and the strategic prospects for utilising the radio spectrum. International experts and Ofcom representatives are on hand to discuss technology, regulation and society.