Archive for February, 2005

Hironobu Sakaguchi Snagged By Microsoft Xbox Shock

Microsoft hires in Final Fantasy Guru Hironobu Sakaguchi to create RPG for new Xbox 2.

AIM Sync : AOL Integrates IM Buddy Lists With MS Outlook

AOLs instant messaging service integrates with Microsoft Outlook via free plug in.

Smartball May Help Football Goal Decisions

Smartball microchip technology aims to put an end to bar room arguments about goal line incidents.

Promo Only MPE: DRM Within The Music Industry

Updated anti-piracy and digital distribution system seeks to reduce promo piracy inside the music business.

Jens MP-120: Better Than iPod shuffle?

Midnight black MP3 player looks to take on iPod shuffle – with OLED display and by (just) beating the price.

Apple/TiVo Bid Rumours Considered

But would a tie up between the digital video recorder company and the iPod maker make sense?

Sony Clie PDA: End Of The Line

The death of the PDA draws nearer as Sony stops development of its innovative Clie PDA range.

Apple Updates iPod Mini and iPod Photo, Now Direct Camera Upload

Apple adds features, beefs up hard drive sizes and reduces prices on new iPod models.

Google Movie Search Born

Find out movie showtimes and settle drunken film arguments with Google’s new movie search tool.

Sonus-1XT: Talking DAB Radio from Pure

DAB radios get chatty with Pure Digital’s iVOX voice feedback technology.