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Live blogging iPhone 3GS UK Launch

You can’t deny people love their iPhones.

Virgin 3G Dongle: Mobile Broadband Review

This little 3G dongle performs well.

Skype Heading To Nokia Handsets

Big news for Skype and Nokia … and in turn mobile phone operators. It’s just announced that Skype will be integrated into Nokia handsets, starting in the 3rd quarter of 2009 with the N97. As well as allowing Skype calls via 3G and WiFi, Skype to Skype calls will be free (excluding any data charges), [...]

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Hits Vodafone UK, T-Mobile US

The latest from the Blackberry stable, the Curve 8900, is now available on UK Vodafone and T-Mobile will have it in the US. The Curve builds on the success of previous models – some people are even declaring it a combination of Curve, Bold and Storm. With the screen from the Bold (high-res 2.4-inch 360×480), [...]

Android T-Mobile G1 Handset Launched

In a hugely anticipated event, telecoms big boys T-Mobile, handset supremos HTC and search kings Google have announced the launch of the G1, the first handset to run the open source Android operating system.

Google Maps For Mobile Gets Street View And Public Transit Features

Our favourite freebie mobile app gets even better with useful tweaks and updates.

HTC Touch 3G And Touch HD Handsets Unveiled

Two sleek feature-packed handsets roll out of HTC’s busy factories

Sony Ericsson G705 Smartphone Announced

Feature packed phone available in – taa taa! – ‘Majestic Black’.

iPhone Apps: 60m In First Month

Steve Jobs has been chatting to the Wall Street Journal about the iPhone, its App Store and the ‘Kill Switch.’ Jobs confirmed that an impressive 60 million iPhone applications have been downloaded in the first month of the iPhone App Store.

European 3G Boom Could Crush Networks

New study suggest that networks will wobble like a jelly on a trampoline as demand rises.