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Is Twitter Over-Hyped?

Research cast doubts on the real popularity of the IM service.

Twitter Flitters Soon Become Quitters

Microblogging service finding it hard to retain users.

Microsoft Vine Seeks Cash From Chaos

Emergency-focused Twitter rival goes into beta.

Social Network Sites Continue To Grow As Facebook Flourishes

Facebook now used by nearly half of the UK online population.

People Power: Facebook Revolt Sees Off Dodgy New TOS Clause

Virtual people power sees off Facebook’s dodgy new Terms Of Service clause.

Facebook Notches Up Record Traffic Over Christmas

Bored surfers flee to the web to avoid the festive drudgery.

Twitter Misunderstood In The Evening Standard

Nick Curtis has written a poorly-researched piece in the Evening Standard that attempts to take a chunk out of Twitter, while asking if ‘Twitter is the new Facebook.’ Why poorly-researched? Well, he starts the piece saying that Tweets are 160 characters long – and as anyone who has ever looked at the sevice will know, [...]

Twollow: Auto Follow People Who Twitter On Your Interests

If you’re looking to expand your network of Twitter friends, but are finding that it’s taking more time that you thought it would, or aren’t able to find that time, Twollow could be a solutions for you.

WordPress 2.6 Killed Our Love Of WordPress

We’d been faithful and steadfast to WordPress for a very long time. Over the years, the increasing numbers of people that asked for recommendation for a blogging tool, we’d enthusiastically promote WordPress as the tool of choice. We’ve held the WordPress faith until we upgraded Isle of Wight News site, VentnorBlog, a sister site of [...]

Twitter: WSJ Says It’s Now Mainstream: Is That A Good Thing?

We know that Twitter gets under people’s skin, leading some of them to tweet their little sock off across many subjects from their view of emerging new business idea, through their inner most thoughts, to their love of sandwiches. Some people even get their