Twollow: Auto Follow People Who Twitter On Your Interests

Twollow: Auto Follow People Who Twitter On Your InterestsIf you’re looking to expand your network of Twitter friends, but are finding that it’s taking more time that you thought it would, or aren’t able to find that time, Twollow could be a solutions for you.

Twollow, currently a free service, lets you enter keyword that relate to the subjects that you Twitter on. When anyone adds a Tweet containing those words, an automatic request is sent out to them requesting that you follow them.

There’s perceived to be two advantages for this. One you get exposed to reading the interesting Tweets by people who you have something in common with and two they could well follow you, thus building up your circuit of followers.

A neat idea, but given that it’s completely indiscriminate, beyond that they’ve mentioned a word that you’ve said that you’re interested in, you could end up with a whole collection of strange connections.

Worth a bash though isn’t it?