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UK Internet: Censored Since 2004

The recent story about Wikipedia being censored by a large number of UK ISPs has raised a lot of blog post/ tweets / column inches about quite how terrible / good it is that our Internet is not free and open. Wake up UK! … this ain’t nothing new.

IWF: How Web Sites Become Banned In The UK

Given all of the attention on the banning of Web sites in the UK (read Wikipedia / Scorpions album), we thought we’d give you the inside view on how it comes about. The setup If a member of the public raises an objection to a Web site to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), the IWF [...]

£17 eBay Camera Contained Top Secret Information

Here’s another tale of UK data loss that has to be one for the “You couldn’t make it up” files. An Englishman has bought a Nikon Coolpix camera from eBay for £17 that had lots of secret information stored on it. According to The Sun, list is considerable. a document marked “top secret” detailed the [...]

Your Laptop Is Open Season When Flying To SF, USA

We’re still reeling after reading this story last week that a federal appeals court in the US ruled that it was fine for US customs agents to go through the content of an airline passengers laptop with no evidence of wrong doing – just because they felt like it.

fipr: Phorm Web Monitoring Illegal?

Ask most people about their views on Phorm and you’ll either get a blank look or people turning purple with rage. In brief: It’s a ‘service’ that monitors all of your normal Web browsing, with the stated aim of providing personalised advertising to you. All of this monitoring is made possible under agreements with ISPs, [...]

Web Creator Speaks Out Against Phorm Net Tracking

Sir Tim Berners-Lee voices opposition to net tracking technology Age Guide: Yet More Personal Data On The Web

Online directory enquiry service have launched a new service which combines information on the UK Electoral Roll with the data they hold on phone numbers and addresses. Those using the service are able to search for a people in the way you would expect with a directory, but by combining the Electoral Roll data [...]

Ask Offer Users ‘Privacy Switch’ is to allow users of its search engine to delete all of their queries from their server – a stark contrast to other major search engines, especially Google.

Government Data Loss Signalled In 2004

The loss of private records of 25 million residents by a UK government department continues to make headlines. The News of the World newspaper have obtained a March 2004 letter from Treasury risk manager Richard Fennelly following his analysis of the security of the child benefit records system.

DVLA Reveal Confidential Driver Info

Those in the UK will be all too aware of how government departments have been leaking UK residents data more furiously than a fire-hose blasting through a colander. Following the loss of the bank details of 25 million UK families a few weeks ago, another loss has come to light.