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Barclays PIN Sentry Disaster

Barclays Bank have cut off some of their business customers from making payments to new suppliers, by forcing them to use PIN Sentry hardware that they don’t yet have. The PIN Sentry is Barclays attempt to stop their customers accounts being hacked and having payment sent to fraudulent accounts. Something that would appear to be [...]

Barclaycard’s OnePulse Credit Card Offers Oyster Functionality

New ‘Wave And Pay’ contactless card doubles-up as an Oyster payment card London Transport

Mobile J/Speedy: NFC Payments Hits Amsterdam

A select few taking part in a trial in Amsterdam are able to pay for goods using their NFC-equipped mobile phones.

Online Banking In The UK Leaves Customers Short-Changed

Although over half of us in the UK now use online banking, customer service continues to worsen.

PayPal Mobile: Buy Stuff From Your Phone

Buying stuff online is so, like, uncool now that m-commerce lets you empty your bank balance from your mobile.

Brits Love Online Banking As Alliance & Leicester Introduce New Security

Huge rise in Internet banking as banks work to universal anti fraud/phishing technologies.

SmartTrust Provide SIM-based ‘State ID’ To Finland

The Finnish government is working with SmartTrust to implement the countries ID system using a mobile phones SIM card. Roger Darlington gives us the detail.

Google Wallet Looks To Challenge PayPal

Californian search engine giants to launch an online electronic payment system. Aims to Shakeup Music Downloads

Stelios, the serial UK entrepreneur, wants to cut the cost of online music. Will the music companies co-operate?

Music Download Giant Napster Considers Film Service

Digital-music service may enter movie market too.