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People Power: Facebook Revolt Sees Off Dodgy New TOS Clause

Virtual people power sees off Facebook’s dodgy new Terms Of Service clause.

Flickr/Getty Deal: Analysis

The deal between Getty and Flickr, which exclusively gives Getty the right to pick the best images from Flickr and sell them via to their customers in the creative, commercial and editorial industries — they call it the ‘first commercial licensing opportunity for photo-enthusiasts in the Flickr community’ — is, in many ways, inevitable. [...]

Video ID Matches: YouTube’s Anti-Piracy Tools

GPL Legal Action In USA Against Monsoon Multimedia

US company, Monsoon Multimedia is being taken to court for violating the terms of the open source NGU General Public License (GPL) of the BusyBox project. This is the first time this has happened in the US, as previous infringements have been sorted out through correspondence and talking. Having been through this process already and [...]

Google Car License Plate: Sweden

Google .. on your car license plate … what a jolly jape!

Beatles Songs For iTunes?

After years of legal bunfights, Apple look set to announce Beatles download deal.

Who Owns YouTube/BBCWorld?

Is the BBCWorld name on YouTube being squatted or have YouTube and BBC WW been chatting for ages?

iTunes Illegal Declares Norway Consumer Watchdog

What Apple has worried about has finally happened. Their restrictive approach to content portability has had iTunes labeled illegal in Norway.

BPI vs AllofMP3: Granted ‘first hurdle’ by UK High Court

The BPI are pleased to have got the UK High Court to approve the ‘first hurdle’ of legal action against AllofMP3.

Ofcom GSM Guard Bands License Awards Explained

The recent low-power GSM Guard Bands awards are Ofcom’s first spectrum auction. We explain their possible uses and detail their new owners.