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#geomob Event Review: Highly Recommended: On Tomorrow

If Geo or mobile stuff is your thing, #geomob is the place to be.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Hits Vodafone UK, T-Mobile US

The latest from the Blackberry stable, the Curve 8900, is now available on UK Vodafone and T-Mobile will have it in the US. The Curve builds on the success of previous models – some people are even declaring it a combination of Curve, Bold and Storm. With the screen from the Bold (high-res 2.4-inch 360×480), [...]

Wikitude: Philipp Breuss And The Story Behind The Software

After having seen the highly impressive demonstration of Wikitude, we just had to find out more, so Digital-Lifestyles spoke to Philipp Breuss, who has lead the development of Wikitude. Philipp previously worked for Sony but gave this up to make the development of the Wikitude software which he describes as “the most exciting things that [...]

Cat GPS Tracking

We love daft uses of technology – that’s one of the reasons we’ve been enthusiastic supporters of DorkBot for so long. The latest that’s sprung onto our radar is people using small GPS devices to track the movement of their cats.

Asus Introduce P552w Smartphone With ‘Glide’ 3D Interface

Soon come handset packs Wi-Fi, GPS and custom apps.

Deleu GPSMouse Packs GPS Functionality

Is it a mouse? Is it a GPS receiver? Well, yes.

iRiver W10 Reappears As A VoIP/Media Player

The mighty metamorphing media player gets an iPhone makeover at the South Korean Electronics Show.

Plazes Launches Out Of Beta

Mark your position around the globe and let people know what you’re up to with the newly released version of Plazes.

SPV M700 Launches on Orange UK: Also In Black

Orange bring a new smart phone to the UK. This one with comes with GPS built-in.

Palm 680 Goes On Sale In UK

Consumer-targeted quadband smartphone updates the long-serving Treo 650.