Ofcom: 2 Hour Mobile Number Porting By Sept 2009

Ofcom: 2 Hour Mobile Number Porting By Sept 2009Ofcom has been consistently moving to reduce the amount of time that it takes to change mobile numbers from one to another – or port them as it’s know in the telecoms trade.

Their latest direction to the industry is that as of 1 September 2009, they’ll need to drop the amount of times to a mere two hours.
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Stewart Purvis Joins Ofcom

Stewart Purvis, news super-hero and friend of DL, has been appointment as the new Partner for Content and Standards at Ofcom.

The Content and Standards Group oversees regulation of television and radio quality and standards and compliance with the Broadcasting Code.

He’s a hard-bitten newsman who has a strong understanding of technology and the changes that it is bring to the world of media.
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UK Public Slow To VaVaVoom VoIP

UK Public Slow To VaVaVoom VoIPPhone services offering freebie calls over the Internet are still only being used by a niche following according to new research.

A study by Ofcom has discovered that Voice- Over-Internet- Protocol (VoIP) services – like those offered by Skype, BT and Tesco – have failed to fire the public imagination.
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Ofcom Report: Internet & Mobile Usage Up. TV, Radio & Phone Down

Ofcom Report: Internet & Mobile Up. TV, Radio, Phone DownToday Ofcom have released their yearly Communications Market report, covering fixed and mobile telecoms, TV, radio and Internet use.

It’s a massive collection of information and statistics running to 332 pages, covering the habits and preferences of the UK population during 2006.
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iPlayer: OSC Interview After BBC Trust Meeting: Podcast

We got the exclusive opportunity to interview the members of the Open Source Consortium (OSC) that has met with the BBC Trust, directly after they had been discussing the BBC iPlayer with them for the first time.

From there we scooped the iPlayer On Linux a must story, but there was a lot more detail in the interview than we could get into the piece.

Various highlights were

  • How discussion went with the BBC Trust
  • The path that the OSC has been following
  • Discussion with Ofcom
  • How iPlayer is based entirely on the Microsoft stack
  • concerns under the BBC Radio player being rolled into the iPlayer and the loss of support of other players that would occur
  • BBC Trust’s different view on BBC Content and content from other production companies
  • Support for a Linux iPlayer from the “the most popular Linux desktop client in the world”

If you, like many others, are unhappy about the iPlayer only being available on a particular version of Windows, get yourself over to the iPlayer petition. Every vote counts, so join the current 12,000+ that have said they don’t like it.

Sorry about the popping in part of the recording (like the beginning), but I left the mic windshield at the office – blast!)

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Ofcom Wants VoIP 999 Services

Ofcom Wants VoIP 999 ServicesOfcom has published a proposal that some VoIP services should allow users to call 999 to connect to emergency services as soon as by early 2008.

They’ve carried out research that has revealed that as many as 78% of those with VoIP thought that they could, or did not know if they could.

Ofcom’s concern is that VoIP users cannot connect to emergency services when they really need it – ie. in an emergency.

If people have to locate a landline or mobile phone, costing them a delay of seconds or minutes in getting through to emergency services, it could prove critical.
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Ofcom: Cut Mobile Number Transfers To 2 Days

Ofcom: Cut Mobile Number Transfers To 2 DaysOfcom has floated a proposal to simplify the process of moving your mobile phone number to another provider and cutting the transfer time to within two hours, a stark contrast to the five days it takes now.

With the two hour goal just over two years away, Ofcom has ruled that the mobile industry must reduce the time taken to a getting-close-to-reasonable two working days, starting on 1 April 2008 (why do UK organisations persist in using 1 April? It’s so open for abuse if problems arise).
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4 Digital Group Gain 10 National DAB Licenses

4 Digital Group Gain National DAB LicenseThe champagne corks have been popping in the 4 digital group offices this morning, as they hear from Ofcom that they have been successful in their bid to gain 10 national DAB radio licences.

The group, lead by UK TV network Channel 4, has the ambition of providing a serious competitor to the dominant national BBC radio services, to provide a “distinctive and different experience of radio.”
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Children Risk Becoming Social Outcasts With Internet Access: Report

Children Risk Becoming Social Outcasts With Internet Access: ReportOfCom’s Consumer Panel has released a report, Children and the Internet, based on recent research whose findings state that children who do not have an Internet connection at home can become socially disadvantaged.

By way of illustrating how key the Internet is to the younger people in the UK, the report found that “From about age ten, most children believe that Internet access is a ‘must have’.”
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