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FoxNews Mic Nicked – iPhone Left Untouched!

Not everyone wants an iPhone. Man in Green proves it by swiping Fox reporters Mic rather than iPhone.

Frontline Wireless: US Analogue TV Spectrum Raising Much Interest

There’s a scramble for US spectrum by a collection of big-time venture capitalists. In the same way that UK frequencies are being freed up by analogue TV going digital, a big chunk of valuable frequency will also be coming up for grabs in the US too. The big difference is that the US one is [...]

Net Neutrality Matters

Do you want your broadband provider choosing which Web sites you can see, or the speed it loads? Without Net Neutrality it might happen.

Broadcast Flag Knocked Back By US Court

This ruling may have been hinted at by previous comments from the Judge, but there’s shock all around as the FCC’s Broadcast Flag gets overturned.

Michael Powell, FCC Chair to Go

Much surprise around that Powell is to leave the FCC the day after Bush’s Inauguration.

FCC Approves First Software-Defined Radio (SDR)

There’s lots of quiet interest in Software-Defined Radio (SDR). Now the US FCC has given its first approval.